In today's world, digital text accounts for most of communication. Writing letters by hand is becoming less and less common. But sometimes, How about sending a handwritten letter? To your family, friends, and everyone you don't love. Experience the power of handwritten sentences through postcards from Pattes de Mouches. That on its own would make a great gift!

We have postcards that can convey a variety of hearts and thoughts.

Think carefully about what you want to say.

An unreadable level of bad writing, a very beautiful handwriting, and a plain handwriting all have the same power.

Handwritten writing has a different power than conveying it verbally.

Of course, there are times when it has similar effects.

Due to the words you say, the other person closes or opens the door of their heart.

Be sure to think twice before sending a postcard.

Postcards from "Pattes de Mouches" strive to convey the heart, express thoughts and show emotions. We always think of the powerful influence that words have. Sentences are comforting to some and bring eternal despair to others. That is why you always have to think a lot when writing, speaking, and reading Whether these sentences don't hurt anyone and Yourself.

Take a look at the various postcards.